Love Rescued Me

Your beauty is unparalleled and your character unquestionable. Your virtue enthralls me. Your very presence lifts up my countenance and sets me on a higher plane. Before I found you, I searched tirelessly, with vigor, and with such fervor that it burned up within my very soul. I hadn’t yet found you, but within my mind’s eye you were there always patiently watching and waiting. I called out for you in my dreams and I reached for you in my restless sleep but you alluded me. Where are you my love? Where could you be?

I continued on my journey to find you; to find a love that is rarely found. A passion was within me, an unrelenting drive had built up within me that took me over completely. The type of passion and drive that only a worthy woman could draw out of me. The prospects of our love and devotion had driven me to my limit; the visions of your soft touch and affection had turned me into a madman. Then it happened; I saw you. I knew it was you. I approached you and the look in your eyes spoke to my spirit; it had to be you; a certain peace swept over me. Your kind smile warmed my heart and inside me tears of joy flowed like a deep river. You extended your hand to me and I kissed you, I poured out my feelings to you; my most vivid dreams and visions I conveyed to you. I told you of my journey and adventures; my long travels to capture your heart and your love. About how I saw your face in my dreams.

I had given up on love. I had cast it away from me and vowed never to seek it again until you appeared to me; until you reached out to me in my deepest sleep. I was a barren and dry desert and you came to me like twelve nights of rain to restore my scorched heart and create an oasis for my thirsty soul. You listened to me intently and you cried. These were not tears of sadness but of joy, for we had found each other. We had found love. Never will we be without each other; never will we be apart. Our love is as vast as the universe and deeper than the deepest sea. Our affection is eternal. Your love rescued me.

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