Love I Wait


Loneliness why do you haunt me? Why do you follow me without fail? I have tried to loosen your grip on me but you persist in your dogged pursuit of me. Release me; release me I say. I have longed for the comfort of a woman for so long now that I can’t count the days. I have pursued companionship and love to no end. I have been jeered in the streets as a madman walking down the lonely road of failed attempts at love. Love where are you? Companionship why do you escape me? I have sought you day after day. I have sought you at night in intimate settings and dark lounges but once again you escape me. I have pursued you in beautiful fields of lush greenery in the warmth of the summer. I have written vows of commitment and rehearsed them with solemn intent. I have prepared lovely vineyards and gardens for our evening walks and enjoyment. I have built a beautiful abode for your comfort. I have selected precious metals for your adornment and set aside diamonds to seal you as my one and only. In my dreams I kiss you and we exchange our vows as I look upon your radiant smile. Love, I will wait for you. I will seek you no longer, but I will wait for you to come to me. I will think about you in the morning and hope you find me in the dusk of the twilight. I will dream, dreams of passion and desire and think of our wonderful life together. I will keep our bed warm until you come to me. Do not wait another season to find me love, for loneliness might take me away.

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