Deep inhalation. Clean air. Eyes closed. A brief moment of meditation. Tranquility and peace. The calmness of exhalation, and the harmony of body and spirit. The transcendence of negative energy, and the feeling of other worldliness. An ethereal undertone; a celestial vibe. A heavenly vision. The letting go of heavy burdens; an air of relaxation never felt before; an aura of exuberance. A feeling of love. A wave of euphoria. A rush of ecstasy. An immersion in the warm waters of healing; bathing in light, and riding on the waves of life. Always hopeful. The overcoming of fear. The beauty in all of us. The wiping away of tears; the warmness in our hearts; the empathy in us.

The love we have. The smiling. The inner glow. The outer radiance; flowers in bloom; sun shining, and children playing. Joyfulness and gorgeous memories; the soundtrack of our lives. The music in our bones, and the beat of our hearts. The quiet reflection, and the precious moments; the pouring out of emotion, and the patience. The giving of ourselves; warmth, affection, intense intimacy, deep feelings, and the beautiful sentiments we share. The life in us. Our Resilience, and our silent prayers. The hope for tomorrow; an invigoration of our bodies. A renewal of our minds. An awakening within us. Close your eyes; breath in deeply. Be still . . . exhale slowly.

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