The Will of My Vengeance


A black ant crawls around in search of sustenance. I live in perpetual darkness. I am plagued by snares and pestilence. I have been abandoned by all who have claimed to love me. Family means nothing now; friends have become hated enemies. The world has taken a front row seat to my misery; they drink their wine and sample hors d’oeuvres with a scowl on their faces. As I make my entrance on stage, they laugh and jeer with foul breath and discolored teeth. I am mocked mercilessly by the horde of disgusting and worthless scum.

In the midst of their mockeries and outbursts, I sit and keep my silence. The inner workings of my mind record their atrocities. I detail and finalize the ways of their destruction. They parade me around in their congregation as they put my suffering on display. Loud cheers are heard as they exploit my vulnerability. They are jubilant and euphoric in their wickedness and immorality. They feed on my misery like parasites. The gluttonous filth fill their bellies and come back for more.

I have nothing left to give. I cry out as anger overtakes me. They fall silent and stare … I curse them all to hell. I will survive; I will survive it all. I will uproot them as a violent tornado uproots trees. I will swarm them like aggressive African bees swarm their prey. I will upset them. I will make them pay. I will destroy them. I will upset their very spirits and souls with curses and vile rhetoric. I will make it difficult for them to sleep. I will have my revenge.

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