My Love


My love, we have come together as one. We have solidified our bond of love. Today, let us forget the world and express ourselves in deep intimacy. Let us renew our vows of love to each other and spend the day in service to one another. You are mine and I am yours. You are the woman of my dreams and I will forever be thankful for you. The heavens know my feelings for you, my lady. We will keep our secrets of love between us; you have the key to my heart as I have the key to yours. My eyes have no longing to gaze upon any other but you, and only you. Your joyous laughter invigorates my spirit. I love you with a love that is unexplainable in words. Our spirits intertwine in divine devotion. There is no life without you. We hold each other tightly in warmth and say a silent prayer in each others arms. Tears of joy flow from our eyes as we recount our days and nights together in love and harmony. My love, you are the light of my life. We face the world together. You have comforted me on long days and stormy nights. I lay my head on your lap as you sing me a beautiful song of comfort. You temper me with your soft caress and calm the restless spirit within me. You speak to me even in silence and you love me. I am immersed in your love and kindness. Your virtue is a blessing to me. I love you. You are my morning prayer. You are my life.

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