Lavender Dreams

In lavender dreams I see you, and I am lost in your love. Your sweet scent intoxicating me in my subconscious, calling me to lavender fields in the warmth of the sunshine. My love, in those beautiful fields you walk barefoot, a product of nature and divine creation. Your smile is beautiful and indescribable, causing my being to feel a sudden warmth and deep feeling. Your long hair glistening in the sun is a sight to behold, it is a glory and gift given by the creator. I had fallen in love with you instantly upon beholding your countenance. Adorned in all white, you looked as delicate as a flower; as gorgeous and sweet as a pink rose bush in full bloom.

Darling let us walk slowly in your fields and converse about the heavens. Let me prove my love for you and toil in your fields day and night. At night please stare out of your window and cast your gaze on me, for your eyes are heavenly and loving.  Three seasons ago I would have never thought that I would have needed you; needed your love. You had been visiting me for some time and I played the fool; I had taken you for granted and you had stopped visiting me. What a fool I was. Day and night I slept like I hadn’t slept in years, calling for you, begging for you to once again visit me in my dreams and comfort me. I cursed myself for being a stupid and foolish man, to take for granted such a wondrous being of love and beauty. Where are you? Where are you O, woman of the lavender fields? Come back to me for I was a fool and I now fall on my face and will wither away without your love.

You came back to me and rescued my failing heart and weakened spirit. You rejuvenated my will, and gave me purpose once again. Be me wife lovely woman; let me make my solemn vow to you right here and now to always love you. I cannot go on without your smile and warmth. I refuse to be a fool ever again. Let us walk the lavender fields together and enjoy the fragrance in the evening. Let us have picnics with the finest samples of cheeses  and the rarest of wines. Allow me to prepare a fine meal for you and then bathe you with the sweet scent of bath oils. Such a natural beauty; such a wonderful woman of love and laughter. I had heard of other men contending for your love, and trying to steal your heart. Who are they to understand the complexities and the true nature of you? Who are they to sneak into your fields unannounced and harvest the sweet fragrance of your lavender flowers?

Darling they were too late, for I had already stolen your heart on a warm evening in spring. I had already vowed my vow and poured out my heart to you. I cried in your presence and released my emotion like a caged bird is released into flight once more. It was then that you held and comforted me. You held my hand and guided me back into your fields once again for a midsummer walk. I looked at you in glowing light and I could not hold back my feelings and my love for you. I held and kissed you as we stared into each others eyes and whispered our vows to each other once again. I love you woman of the lavender fields. We will hold each other and dance once again in my dreams. 

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