My Plea


Lord, hide me under your wings and wrap me in your love, for I am afraid and I drown in my despair. Shelter me from the storms and the rough seas, and be my guide. I am destitute without you; I am a man in turmoil. Do not hide your face from me. Betrayal waits in dark corners ready to inject its venom. My own thoughts consume me to the point of madness. In my hour of torment I seek you daily, but I am not certain you are hearing my cries. Remember me Father and do not let me drown in these deep and dark waters, for I am tired and my hope wanes in my waiting.

The wicked ones seek to destroy me; fear and anxiety have railed against me and they seek to take my life. Heavenly Father, you are my only light in the darkness. There is no rest or comfort without you. I have tried it my way and have failed time and time again; I now leave it all in your hands and I submit my will. Send your angels in my time of agony and shelter me. Erase the scourge of illness from me and increase my joy. Restore me to the days of my youth and encourage my will. My torment seemingly never ends and I strive to find rest in you. Let me rest in the clouds and cause my face to feel the warmth of the sun.; release me from the bondage of doubt and the chains of suffering. Wash away my pain and wipe away my many tears of sorrow; I still believe in you and I will hold onto my faith.

Who can I turn to? Who will understand my plight? Even from family I have felt the venomous sting of betrayal; they had conspired against me, but now they suffer. I was but a child when they plotted against me, now their ill gotten gains have turned sour in their mouths and have poisoned their bloodstream. The sepsis of deceit and greed have consumed them, and have infected their very souls. Heavenly Father, you delivered me out of many situations. I thank you. Perilous times are all around me: the world waxes more and more wicked by the day, but I continue to put my trust in you. My earthly father has shown himself to be a coward. I have no father but you O, Lord.

Hide me in your secret place and show me mercy, for I am not worthy of you. I am not worthy of your son’s sacrifice. I am a man who stumbles in the darkness trying to come into your light. I still hold my torch, but my oil runs low and my lamp is dimly lit. I still trust in you and I thank you Father. Please do not forget me. This is my plea.

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