The essence of her beauty is captured in my eyes. Made by the hands of the creator, she was sculpted in flawless perfection; every part of her put together with love and divine purpose. Her face is a delicate beauty, as radiant as the morning sun, captivating the hearts of men. Measures of beryl and gold could not stand next to her; the most flawless of diamonds could not compare.

Her eyes are like a mystery; a beautiful secret yet to be uncovered. Her lips are akin to perfectly ripened fruit picked in its season, glistening in the morning dew. She is a wonder and the epitome of perfection. Her hair is long and it is her glory; a covering given to her by the heavenly Father. It falls delicately against her back and is as soft as mulberry silk. Her nature is of sensitivity and gentleness.

The sweet scent and soft texture of rose petals could not accurately describe her delicacy. As a rare sculpture she is to be handled with care and love. Her innocence is a precious gift to be protected, and not freely given away or violated. She is blessed to conceive and through her womb springs new life. She is a treasure among treasures. From her crown, to her feet she will be forever concealed, and wrapped in mystery. She is the most beautiful work of art in the heavens and the earth.

Her name is Woman.

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