For My Mother



The heavens have opened

And received you

In eternal rest you sleep

You carry a piece of me with you

For I cannot see you

But in your presence I feel you

My desire is to be closer to you

In my dreams I seek you

Every breath I take

I breathe you

Your blood runs through me

Who would I be without you

Sorrow and anxiety overtake me

The dark waters of fear seek to drown me

Throw out your lifeline and comfort me

Mother I need you

Father has again abandoned me

He never deserved you

I pray for the day I once again see you

I was but three when you left me

So I struggle to remember you

But In my heart I will always carry you

Always remember I love you.

9 thoughts on “For My Mother

    1. If you have time I’d like to talk to you more about my mother. I’m not sure how close you were to her, but she died in 1981. I have no memory of her as I was three years old when she died.


  1. I would like that Victor. We were friends, not close friends but I loved and appreciated her. When would you like to talk?


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