A Prayer for Men at Sea

O Lord, protect us as we go out onto the sea.

The waters are dark and the depths are deep.

Cause your face to shine on us and do not remember our faults.

Send your angels to comfort us in our hour of fear;

guide us in your secret paths, and reassure our spirits,

for we are but mortal men, and in our flesh we tremble.

Calm the tempestuous seas round about us,

for the waves roar and are angry.

Come to our rescue lest we are overtaken and drown.

Temper the winds that blow violently and that howl throughout the night.

Father, place your hand over this vessel and protect her from bow to stern;

guide the captain’s hands and make them tried–and–true.

Protect all souls on this vessel, and strengthen our spirit.

Increase our hope and resolve in that faithful moment of truth.

If the hour falls upon us and we perish, 

bring our souls into your eternal light, and accept us into your kingdom.

We thank you for your love and mercy on us.

Bless us and bring us into your light, always.

In your son’s name we pray.


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