Ode to Dreams


O dreams, you visit me in my sleep,

And infiltrate every hidden part, 

Of my unconscious thought!

You lull me with pleasantries, 

And induce fantasies of all varieties;

Lovely dreams, you take me away

From my wretched reality,

And cause me to ride on the wings of the angels.

In heavenly bliss, high in the clouds I ride!

The moon and the stars glaring bright,

I glide by Polaris and give it a kiss;

The clouds lie underneath me in peace and tranquility.

You oft have visited me when I least expect

And grace me with your presence:

Sometimes I beckon you to come,

But you come in your own time.

Your vividness enthralls me,

And gives me reprieve

If only but for minutes or hours;

I try to grab hold of you,

And keep you permanently,

But you always slip away.

Before you go this time,

Why don’t you think about it and stay?

You should know how I feel about you by now,

For my endearment for you is like no other:

Last week, you even made me dream about

reuniting with my mother!

In warmth and visions you wrap me up,

But dreams, why do you end so abrupt?

Even so, every time you leave

I hate to see you go.

Dreams, you have been with me since my childhood,

And in a world of hell, you are a temporary escape;

An invigoration of hope and aspiration

to be attained in the real world.

You cause me to have visions vividly!

And make them my reality;

Your unimpeded excitement is like walking on glass,

Across the vast sea!

Please visit more often,

You never have to knock,

For the door of unconscious thought is always open;

Turn on the lights and let yourself in.

I look forward to our next adventure,

What could it be?

Maybe the woman I am to be with forever?

Will she be beautiful and have long hair dark as a raven’s feather?

I will ponder these questions as I now go to sleep.

Old, wonderful and trusted friend of mine,

In my unconscious thought

Is where we again will meet.

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