Mother’s Light


Speak to me in my dreams –

And in my suffering look upon your son –

For day by day my afflictions increase

And wars are lost and won

I am in a desert without water –

And the sun scorches me unmercifully

Venomous snakes and ferocious beasts 

Stalk my every move, and at night they taunt me

Frightening noises reverberate throughout the darkness

As I hold a candle under a heavy cloak – 

I look upon your countenance

Mother you are truly beautiful

Only you can understand my silent suffering

You have looked down upon me from the other side –

And have witnessed my nights of pain

You have seen my tears and cried

Mother – I have seen violence

I have seen poverty

I have seen despair

I have seen pain

Through it all 

I have carried you in my heart –

And In a world that’s dark

I have kept your flame

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