A Dream Of Love


Love, you have come to me once again in my dreams, and resurrected me from certain death. It was you that I could not see; it was you all along that hid in that secret place knowing that I would need you to comfort me.

Sleep had been a dream and rest an intense longing, for there was no rest or slumber without your warmth and certainty. Like a child I cried with persistency and with pure intention, for I longed to find you in that secret place, but I could not.

I had set aside all hope with a broken heart and many sorrows. A weary man with frailty, and weary eyes that were clouded with doubt and hopelessness. Eyes, oh weary eyes, why do you fail me now in my quest to find love?

As my tiring journey was close to an end, it was there that you revealed yourself to me. In a winter’s dream I saw you. Glowing, and adorned in all white, Oh Love I saw you, and you were beautiful.

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