Words Of Inspiration


Today, remember that you will win the war that rages in your mind. You have lost many battles, but you will win the war. I know you are tired; I know you want to give up. The journey has been long and weary. People that you held close and that you told your inner secrets, and deep feelings to, have betrayed your trust. They have now shown their true colors. They make a mockery of your pain; they minimize your condition; they trivialize your plight as something you should just be able to get over. At first they seemed genuine. They would sit for hours and intently listen to the stories of your many sorrows. They would seem engaged and sympathetic. They would offer hugs and comfort. This comfort would draw you closer to the person and lead to intimacy, and sometimes long term commitments. Until one day the venom concealed in their hearts is revealed through vile and malicious words that cut deep; that poison. It is in that moment you realize the many traps and snares that they laid for you. It is in that moment that you understand the depths of their wickedness and deceit. You begin to see the intricacies and the patience with which they carried out their plot. Using your pain and suffering as a weakness, to use you for whatever they could. Your suffering is their gain. It is in that moment that you must gird up and find your strength. It is in that moment that you must allow your inner light to take over, and lay waste to the darkness. You must not allow them to hurt you. You will not allow anyone to hurt you.

You are loved by someone, somewhere, even if you don’t know it. You were fooled once, but you will never be fooled again. Their poisonous venom will not paralyze you; it will not invade your blood stream; it will not stop your heart. You will live. You will live and thrive. Your spirit is that of an eagle soaring high above vast mountains. You are a peaceful stream in a lush green valley. There is a valor in you that you have yet to discover. Your beauty lies in your many complexities. Many have yet to discover the depths of you. Many are not worthy to discover your hidden gems and the secret compartments of your heart. In your suffering you will find yourself; you will find your strength. You will draw it out as water is drawn out from a well. Do not be discouraged. Your heart is strong, and your will to survive is primal; your instincts are hardwired in you and they will not fail you. You will not allow fear to rule over you. You will not allow anxiety to imprison you or hold you in perpetual bondage. You will not allow illness of any kind to destroy you. You will fight. You will not abandon your post. You will not give the enemy any contentment in your pain. You will not be broken by the enemy. You will show no fear in the face of your enemy. You will not shed tears, for you have given enough for a lifetime. Your knees will not be weak and your hands will not shake. Your spirit will not tremble. You will be as fearless as the grey wolf. You will carry the fierceness of a Kodiak Bear protecting her cubs. You will be a rock and a lighthouse for others. You will be a comfort to those in pain. You will love again. You will win.

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