Eternal Love

Love, Oh Eternal Love; how long will you forsake me? On my journeys I have encountered you. We spent many seasons together. In the summer we spent time together in the warmth of the sunshine, and in the winter we cuddle by the fireplace. You enthralled me with passion and desire. I long for you. I miss you. Where are you? Where have you been? It has been seven seasons now since I have seen you. I wonder if you now spend time with other men, in strange places and dark corners, giving yourself away freely with no thought of me; with no compassion for my plight. I stare out of my window at night thinking about you, jealous of the men that hold you and keep your warmth. Love, Oh Eternal Love, they could never know the depths of you like I do. They could never know of your mysteries and inner secrets like I know.

I have explored every part of you; I have tasted of your sweet nectar. I have searched your inner depths, and discovered your delicate ways. You have comforted me; you have kissed me. When will I see you again? I cannot put you away. I cannot pretend that I don’t need you. I am a man bordering on obsession, because I know what you mean to me. There is no life to be lived without you my darling; my hope in you is my silent prayer. You are the morning dew on freshly cut grass. You are a beautiful garden, budding anew with life season after season. The hibiscus and the orchid renew my spirit; the black grapes and pear trees provide a sweet savor. 

Spring is here and summer draws near. I will wait for you Love; you will come back to me. I will sing to you from afar; I will sing beautiful songs to you and hope you hear me. I will remind you of our time together. I will remind you of the passion we once had between us. I am here darling; I stand with open arms. If I have to, I will wait one thousand years, and then one thousand more. I will write another song for you oh Love, and I will sing it to you in your dreams. Please do not forget me, for I am the man you once gave yourself to. Love, forever I am yours.

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