For The Afflicted

I see your affliction. I see your pain. You are not unnoticed. I see your misery, and your many sorrows. I see your heaviness of heart; I see the toll the hard years have taken on you. People pass by and stare. You are looked down upon, sidelined, and ostracized. You have lost hope and have given up. You have nothing left to give. You are misunderstood. You have suffered in silence for many years. I see your suffering. I understand the depths of your pain.

Family have turned their backs on you. Spouses have left when you needed them most. You have lost your means of income and have no one to turn to for help. You sacrifice everything for your children, but it’s still not enough. Friends have abandoned you in your time of need, and former colleagues talk about you behind your back. I understand your plight, and I see your pain.

Physical illness has caused you immense pain and suffering. Mental illness has caused agony, and great sorrow. You are in constant distress. You try to hide your affliction from the world for fear of being outcast. For fear of being laughed at and persecuted. I see your pain.

You have lost your home and are now homeless. You never thought it would happen to you; you cry every day and night. You were disavowed by everyone you know, even those you held close. I see your pain; I see your tears. 

You suffered abuse as a child. You were failed by those who were supposed to protect you. You have carried this secret with you into adulthood. It is a heavy burden that has weighed you down. You have shed tears in the dark. You have suffered in silence. I see your pain and your tears. I see your anger and your sorrow.

You used to be vibrant, happy and full of life, but depression has taken away your joy and your happiness. You are in pain. You try to be strong for your children and smile, but they see your tears. You have contemplated ending it all; closing your eyes forever. I see your intense pain. I see your weeping and sorrow.

Addiction has ruined your life. You are a shell of who you once were. You have hurt the people that love you; you are held captive by your addiction. You want to stop and you have tried many times, but now you feel that you are at the point of no return. I see your pain.

You have been tossed around from home to home, and you feel like nobody wants you. The foster parents who said they would always love you, have thrown you away like trash. You are tired of the broken promises and disappointments. You want to be genuinely loved. I see your pain and your hurt. I love you. 

You have suffered abuse for many years. It has broken your spirit; it has dimmed the light inside of you. You want to leave but you are afraid; you don’t know what to do. I see your torment. I see your suffering and your many tears.

You have carried heavy burdens all of your life. They have worn on you along the way. You want to be free. You want peace.  I understand your plight; I see your suffering. Tears fall as emotions encompass me. You are not unnoticed. I see your affliction. I see your pain. I love you.

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