Unanswered Questions

You betrayed me. I loved you and you betrayed me. You said you cared for me, but you didn’t. Your love was not true. It was not real. I saw the signs but chose to ignore them; the writing was on the wall but I refused to accept what I already knew. My soul, my inner being, everything in me wanted to trust you; I needed to believe you loved me, but I had to face it. I relented, but the truth refused to leave me Truth stared me in the face when I saw clearly and without any doubt, that not only, had you not loved me, but even more so, you turned on me, you tried to hurt me. I gave of myself to you, I didn’t have much, but I gave you what I had. I gave you love, I gave you affection, I gave you understanding. Some questions still have to be asked, so I ask: Why did you turn on me? Was it the love I gave you? Was it the money I sent you? Was it the understanding I had for you? Was it the affection I showed you? Was it the feelings I poured out to you? Was it the flowers I brought home for you? Was it the belief I had in you? Was it the nights you cried and I consoled you? Was it the confidence I instilled in you? Was it the beauty I saw in you? Was it the way I cared for you?

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