While He’s Away

Hours prior, he was inside her, but the feeling of the girth of his measure and his tongue still lingers. She’s still wet, so maybe before a nap she’ll use her fingers and vibrator to satisfy her unquenchable desire until her comes back, to undress her slowly, kiss her passionately and again cause her to squirt from an intense ride, from the side, and from missionary. Luckily, she can bring herself to orgasm quickly, if she is extremely busy and doesn’t have much time to play. A thick black vibrating dildo in her ass and her powerful little pink vibrator on her clit, leaves her bed soaking wet every time. Sometimes she positions herself on her bed then spanks herself hard to simulate behind fucked roughly from behind. When he’s inside her, she likes to assert herself as his only lover, saying, Your big dick is mine. Most of the times, before being fucked — his face she likes to ride. His mouth is skillful, and the intricately pleasurable spots of her clitoris and inside her vagina he easily finds. The wetness of her pussy and the feelings inside her when she starts passionately sucking his cock cannot be easily defined. Her intense sucking leads to his moaning and the increasing of an already intense passion between them. Of course she’s had other men, but other men didn’t slowly and purposefully stick their tongue in her ass and two strong fingers in her vagina, only breaking rhythm to lasciviously whisper, Cum for me baby to her. Other men didn’t bend her over in the shower and fuck her with such intense passion, that she euphorically screamed under warm water and also caused her to shake with ecstasy even several minutes after it was over. Other men never stroked their cocks while watching her from a dark corner, appreciating the contours of her beautiful sculpture while she teased them and herself, indulging in the ecstasy of self-pleasure. Now, she lies in bed, her large nipples erect and in need of attention; with one hand, she pinches them, and with the other, she rubs her clit faster and faster on the verge of her intensity, thinking about the return of her lover, and his sexual and erotic propensity.

So Much More

It is so much more than sex — it is the warm embrace of her breasts and passionate kisses on the neck. It is the loving whispers of her breath and the sensual sounds she makes when true intimacy touches her depths. It is the subtle feminine beauty of her feet, and the way her hair falls on her delicate shoulders and deep contours of her back underneath. It is the way she tightly holds onto the sheets and closes her eyes when she’s being orally pleased, and also, how she stares into the eyes of the man she rides as her feet rest on his knees. It is the beauty of her aura and the way she is missed and thought about after. It is the gorgeousness of her shimmering skin after soaking in warm bath oils. It is the fragrance of the perfume she sprays on her moisturized skin after brushing her hair. It is the way she lotions her feet and legs sitting on the edge of her bed or a comfortable chair. It is her comfortability in her feminine nakedness with a sensual stare. It is the way she smiles and speaks calmly; it is the grace of her touch and movements that are womanly. It is the wonder of her contours and the magnificence of her curves. It is the feeling of love that overtakes the soul when she whispers that she is yours. It is the intimate embrace with tears, when you tell her that you adore her. It is the way she looks at you in an angelic demeanor when you tell her that you can’t breathe without her and that you will love her forever.

The Female Orgasm

Can women truly enjoy sex without reaching climax?

Is a woman reaching orgasm important in a marriage or relationship?

Do men place too much emphasis on trying to bring women to orgasm,
and if so, does that emphasis make men insensitive to women’s feelings?

These questions are discussed and answered from one woman’s perspective.
I find it to be an exceedingly interesting take on specific aspects of female sexuality.

Audio approximately 30 mins: https://www.theatlantic.com/podcasts/archive/2021/05/female-orgasm-industry-sexuality-myths/618979/

The “G–spot” Argument

Interestingly, the Gräfenberg spot argument has been ongoing since 1982. Scientists have conducted numerous studies with numerous opposing conclusions. Some women swear by G-spot orgasms as well as clitoral orgasms, and some women claim they haven’t been able to find their G–spot or/and it simply doesn’t exist. Here are a few studies and articles related to this decades old argument.







Intimate Verses

In the late hours, the intensity of intimacy takes over.
Inside her, they moan together and passionately kiss

Because they are deeply in love with each other;
After the beautiful heights of their pleasure,
He lovingly holds her — in his embrace she feels safe,
And in their intimate space, he is lost in her rapture.

Uncut Eroticism

Rubbing her pussy, she called him for a rough and thorough fucking;
he came over promptly, then she got on her knees to suck him deeply.
Licking around the head of his cock, she seductively teased him —
her pink vibrator on the ridge of her clit, leaving her pussy dripping.
Usually after, he would have passionately tasted her, but on that evening
he bent her over and started fucking her hard with a primal vigor.
She screamed loudly, drawing the attention of her nosey neighbors,
but she wouldn’t have given a fuck even if she had immediately noticed.
She likes her erect nipples to be licked and sucked hard when she rides him,
but on that evening, she truly only wanted to be fucked in one position;
he kept pounding her hard from behind, never breaking his rhythm.
His raw passion caused her to have orgasm after intense orgasm—
after the fourth one, she said to him through heavy breathing,
Please cum, but he was only able to release when she told him
that she would swallow every last drop and then lasciviously
looked into his eyes and stuck out her tongue.